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Achieved Projects

Arab Gas Pipeline

It has inaugurated by their Excellencies President Mubarak .President of ARE, and King Abduallah ll, King of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on July 27th, 2003.
A special purpose company 'Egyptian - Jordanian Fajr Company 'was established with the participation of EPEG companies that is responsible for implantation of phase 2 of the project.
Investment Cost: 300 million US Dollars.

First phase : transfers gas from Arish – Taba with total length 265 km and diameter 36ً
Second phase : transfers gas from Aqabah – Rehab with total length 395 km and diameter 36 ً

Third phase : transfers gas from Jordan – Syria with total length 35 km and diameter 36 ً
Fourth phase: transfer gas from Syria- Lebanon with total length 30 Km and diameter 24 ً