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Added Value and Optimization Projects

Egyptian Bahraini Gas Derivatives Company "EBGDCO" (Ras Shukheir)

Project Overview
The project aims to extract NGL from gas produced from Ras Shukheir gas fields through constructing a treatment station.
EGAS’s share : 40%

Project Status (as of September 2010)

  • Issued most of engineering documents: P&ID’s, PFD, Vendor data sheet, Cause & Effect matrix.
  • Equipment delivery status:
    • Received the anchor bolts
    • Will receive a USA consignment by end of October 2010: (Two residue gas compressors)
Two turbo-expanders, oil Heater, cryogenic heat exchangers, and Air Coolers)
  • Site preparation activities are progressing
  • Start up and introducing Hydrocarbon is expected by July 2011