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Achieved Projects

Egyptian LNG Project (ELNG)

A legal sample has been devised to allow sufficient flexibility in expansion. The sample includes the installation of a body that includes three companies to implement the project:

  1. The Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas Company which owns the land and the common facilities. (ELNG)
  2. The Egyptian Company for Operation of Natural Gas Liquefaction Projects which supervises the implementation of the project and operation of the common facilities.
  3. Beheira Natural Gas Liquefaction Company (Train 1) which owns the first natural gas liquefaction train with a design capacity of 3.6 million tons/year.
    Share holders: EGAS (12%)/EGPC (12%)/BG (35.5%)/ PICL Egypt (35.5%)/GDF (5%).

First Train

At Idku 50 km east of Alexandria, the commercial structure designed for a multi-train site. The project will operate as a tolling facility initially for WDDM gas and expansions will allow export of other Egyptian gas production.
LNG Output :3.6 MTPA
First cargo was shipped on 29th May 2005, six months ahead of the contractual schedule. The cargo, comprising approximately 129,000 cubic meters of LNG, was lifted by Asean LNG Trading Company Limited (ALTCO), a subsidiary of Petronas, one of the shareholders in the project, for delivery into Spain. The success of the project crowns over 27 million man hours spent on construction of Train1.
Budget: 1120MMUS$
Sales agreement signed with Gaz De France (GDF) onJan.,2002 for 20 years to cover 10% of GDF trade in 2005.
Main Contractor: Bechtel Company in cooperation with Petroleum Sector affiliated companies ENPPI, Petrojet and PMS.

Idku Natural Gas Liquefaction Company (Train 2)

Second Train

The company owning the second natural gas liquefaction train with a design capacity of 3.6 million tons/year. Sale and Purchase Agreement has been signed on 24 September 2003 with British Gas Company for the whole production of Train 2 for export to the United States and Italy.
First cargo was shipped on 15th September 2005, 9 months ahead of the contractual schedule.
Share holders of the Egyptian LNG Companies:
EGAS (12%) / EGPC (12%) / BG (38%) / Petronas (38%)