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Added Value and Optimization Projects

Natural Gas Supply to Non-Grid Connected areas using small scale LNG production, transportation and re-gasification units

Project Overview
The aim of this project is to supply natural gas to remote areas in Egypt that are not connected with the national gas grid, by producing LNG, using small scale liquefaction units (300 -1000 ton/d), to be transported by trucks specially designed for that purpose.
This LNG will be vaporized using small re-gasification units at the market to be consumed replacing the existing consumption of liquid fuels and accordingly reduce the liquid fuels import and subsidy expenses and associated pollution.

Project Status (as of September 2010)
The working team has been in discussions with several technology providers to investigate the pre-feasibility of this option and perform preliminary evaluation of the potentiality of a number of markets in Egypt.
A detailed feasibility study based on a precise market survey will be prepared in support of the sequential stages toward the final investment decision of that project.