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Operation (Gas Processing, Transportation, Distribution & Marketing, Export & Liquefaction.)

Main Activities and Responsibilities :

  • Setting strategic plans for natural gas handling and utilization.
  • Participate in reviewing and evaluation of all the development plans for gas discoveries including both new and or the upgrade of existing discoveries.
  • Follow up of all related activities concerning gas treatment and processing facilities to produce sales gas and gas derivatives according to the standard specifications.
  • Evaluate and approve all the upgrading plans for gas handling facilities.
  • Quality control on sales gas, LPG, condensate, commercial propane, ethane/propane mixture according to the standard specifications.
  • Participate in reviewing and evaluation of new project for NGL, LNG and GTL.
  • Prepare strategic plans for the national gas network upgrading.
  • Management, supervision and follow up of operations & maintenance activities of all gas pipelines and the national gas network.
  • Identify local gas marketing and distribution strategies in addition to coordination with local consumers to guarantee the ultimate utilization of available gas.
  • Prepare Techno-Economic studies for local market gas demand.
  • Maximize the use of the natural gas as a clean fuel and main source of energy.
  • Encouraging local market for using natural gas and preparing the necessary action plans accordingly.
  • Participate in the establishment of investment companies for gas marketing and distribution in order to take the responsibility of the construction, operation and maintenance gas pipelines, covering the local consumer's demand all over the country.
  • Encouraging and coordination with experienced companies for converting vehicles to use natural gas as a fuel and prepare the relevant plans.
  • The rapid increase in Egypt’s natural gas reserves and production in recent years has encouraged many investors to propose ambitious plans for gas exports (either by pipeline or LNG tanker). Egypt is trying to step forward to profit from its resources of gas. Officials channels have been opened for exporting and the chance of taking a place among the world list of exporters gas been opened.
  • LNG is something different than gas, especially if related to market consideration; it implies huge investments for the exporting company, the cost for LNG are much higher than normal gas, wherever you will be able to get the international market price for LNG.
  • On the other hand, LNG (liquid Natural Gas) markets are secured with long-term contracts before expenditure starts on plant construction and GTL (Gas to Liquids) product have an immediate and secure market.
  • Operatons Department Activity