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Planning & Projects

  • Preparation of the investment budget for gas projects based on execution priorities and available local and foreign financial, material and human resources.
  • Study of natural gas projects subject to implementation by the Petroleum sector / Contracting companies, providing technical consultation throughout the phases of the projects.
  • Follow up during implementation and operation phases of natural gas projects to detect problems and eliminate obstacles.
  • Conduct feasibility studies for gas projects to be implemented in the successive five year plans, setting priorities for their execution with a special emphasis on liquefaction and export of natural gas.
  • Preparation of a materials data base to be used as a reference for gas projects.
  • Providing, within the allowed limits, statistical data and information to local or foreign authorities whenever requested.
  • Promoting local production of gas equipment, taking into consideration available resources, by optimizing the local component in natural gas projects.
  • Conclude natural gas transmission and marketing agreements and follow up implementation during installation and operation phases.
  • To carry out research and prepare reports relating to gas liquefaction technology, gas storage and transmission, etc.
  • Promote sharing of the private sector, Egyptian, Arabic and foreign in the natural gas investment projects.
  • Revision of all natural gas agreements and contracts.
  • Active participation in committees concerning loans negotiations provided by organizations and international co operations and studying the best way to benefit from the available investments that involves gas projects in petroleum sector.
  • Participation in the preparation of the national gas plan and budget.
  • Preparation of a technical specification guide.