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Major Principles

Natural Gas Local Distribution and Connection

  • Total number of residential consumers connected with natural gas reached 8.14 million consumers since commencing the activity in 1981 till June 2017
  • During the fiscal year 2016/2017 number of residential consumers connected with natural gas reached about 580 thousand consumers including 120 thousand consumers in upper Egypt governorates, (Gas connection rates were 50 thousand units annually during 80s and 90s) , One of the most important features of the fiscal year is the delivery of natural gas to 36 new areas

  • Commercial consumers reached 1541 (including 442 bakeries) bringing total number to 16865 commercial consumers till June 2017, (Including 6910 bakeries).
  • During 2016/2017 total investments spent by LDC's on natural gas connections reached 1.2 billion L.E.
  • Industrial gas consumers reached 85 (including 7 brick kilns) bringing total number to 2400 Industrial consumers (including 373 bricks kilns) till June 2017.

    • 5 power stations started working with natural gas during 2016/2017, in coordination between ministries of Petroleum & Electricity, so that total number of power stations working with natural gas has reached
    • 56 power stations all over Egypt till June 2017.

Compressed Natural Gas "CNG"

Within the framework of achieving the national strategic goal to preserve the environment, the activity of using Compressed Natural Gas CNG in vehicles has expanded as environmental friendly (clean) fuel, to reduce combustion exhaust of liquid fuel by gradual replacement of natural gas for all vehicles.

  • Total converted vehicles reached 229956 since starting CNG activity till June 2017
  • Converted vehicles during 2016/2017 reached 6416 vehicles.
  • These vehicles were converted through 72 conversion centers, and they are being fueled through 184 CNG stations, affiliated to 6 CNG companies.

New Conversion Centers: 1 conversion center were established during this year 2016/2017:

  • (Damanhor) affiliated to Car Gas.

New CNG Stations: 2 CNG stations were established during 2016/2017:

  • ((Damanhor / Faisal) affiliated to Car Gas.